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We are simplifying style

– Style Cut
– Colour Cut
– Highlight Cut
– Express Zest

Hair, Beauty and Makeup under the one roof with Zest, the customer experience you have come to expect. Sit back, relax! No need to be stressed now, it is your Zest time, and we understand.


There had to be no compromises

When we starting thinking about our hair salon we thought what can we do to Zestify the hair industry. We started thinking about what happens when the average woman or man for that matter visits the hair salon.

For many people, highlights or foils are common and so is the full colour. Although for the greater majority of people it is the dry cut or Style Cut.

When it comes to colour and the prices can be quite steep €90 Euro or more is not uncommon and what is happening for that price or more. In most cases a great deal of sitting around waiting for the colour to develop. Of course in the average salon this takes up valuable chairs. Two to three hours is not uncommon to spend in the hair salon. So to start with we took the HUGE menu of hair prices that nearly every single salon runs and we simplified it.

  • Style Cut 39.95
  • Colour Cut 49.95
  • Highlight Cut 59.95
  • Express Cut 17.95

Discover the best version of you with Zest

Frustration creates the best businesses

Emma Ryall founder of Salon Zest
Emma Ryall Founder of Salon Zest - Style on the Main Street, Swords.

Finding a new hairdresser is like finding a new man…. you go through plenty of them to find the right one, and when you do, you should do your damnedest to keep hold of them. Having travelled and moved around a bit over the last decade or so, I have found myself in the unfortunate position many times of having to find a new hairdresser, dentist, doctor and candlestick maker!

Richard Branson once said ‘ the best businesses are born out of frustration’.

I am two things; a business woman and a consumer. As a business woman, I continually seek new opportunities within my business. As a consumer, I continually pick flaws in other businesses. This is not always intentional however as every action has a reaction, it often results in the start of something new within my business.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am hard to please. I have high standards, expect a lot from people and businesses alike. I am a self-confessed nitpicker who holds her head high and standards even higher both personally but more importantly within my business.